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NOFO Hotel is authentically Söder. Multi-faceted, full of surprises, and harboring all shapes and sizes. Our hotel rooms mirror the soul of Söder: We love diverseness. We value variation. That is why staying here feels a bit like coming home.

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Classic Room

Light grey pearl panels and woven carpets, classic Swedish patterns on wallpaper and textiles. String shelves with a desk, steel tube furniture in green leather and accent colours in yellow, orange and green. If you have a soft spot for nostalgia and beautiful things, our Scandinavian Design rooms are something for you. The inspiration comes from both Södermalm as well as Copenhagen and Helsinki. A perfect mix of retrospective design from the 30's to the present.

Medallion wallpaper, classic luminaires, luxurious rya rugs and genuine
oriental rugs. In our La Belle Époque rooms, you embark on a visual voyage to 19th century Paris and the neighbourhoods of Moulin Rouge, Montmartre and
Bastille. Have a seat in a velvet button back armchair, close your eyes and just let the atmosphere fill you with serenity and desire.

Luxurious bathrooms, generously stuffed headboards, comfy armchairs, thick
carpets and lavish furnishings. The Uptown Classic rooms draw their inspiration from the big cities somewhat odd and more laidback neighbourhoods such as Greenwich Village and Upper East Side in New York, Marleybone and Soho in London, Trastevere in Rome and Saint Germain in Paris. A modern and versatile take on classic and elegant design.

Rusty sheet metal, leather, glass, solid wood and steel pipes. Our more compact rooms Industrial Vintage offer clever interior solutions and a rougher, slightly coarse and stripped look and feel. The inspiration come from typical Södermalm
environments such as the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens in New York, as well as Carnaby Street, Clerkenwell and Shoreditch in London. A perfect setting for the contemporary and conscious guest.
Hotel information
Number of rooms: 79 - Floors: 3
Visita Classification: 
Elevator: Yes
Bar: Yes
Credit cards: Accepted
Payment: Upon arrival
Smoking: The entire hotel is non smoking area
Garage: Yes
Ni skickas nu vidare till Best Westerns centrala bokning.
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Tjärhovsgatan 11, Stockholm
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Probably one of the nicest hotels in Stockholm, located just north of Folkungagatan (NOFO), close to the city and the Old town.

From 1st of March 2018 NOFO Hotel and Wine bar is entirely cash free. It is better for the environment and for our safety. We thank you for your understanding and for helping making our work environment safer.

Keep calm we’re getting a

Vi are currently transforming our top floor into a new and exciting room concept, Industrial Vintage. Slightly more compact rooms inspired by typical Södermalm environments such as Upper East Side, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens in New York, as well as Carnaby Street and Soho in London. A perfect choice for the modern and conscious guest.
Our wine bar and lobby will also be getting a makeover.
You’ll love the changes!

Please note that renovations of the exterior are currently taking place. Some rooms may have limited views during this period. We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause you.


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