NOFO Hotel is housed in a heritage listed building in one of Stockholm's most beautiful parts. It was the brewer Lorenz Sifvert who built this house in 1780 for the construction of his brewery. The ground floor sited the brewery and the upper floors functioned as housing for the workers.

1812 the property was purchased by the City of Stockholm and in 1815 transformed the great brewery building to barracks for the city guard. The City Guardsmen was called in daily speech as "sausages" and the barracks were hence called the "sausage pot". To here was transferred all sorts of random people such as beggars, petty thieves and loose women.

1834 Stockholm was ravaged by a severe cholera epidemic and the property was used as a temporary hospital.

During the 1870s, many rural residents moved to Stockholm and the housing crisis grew worse. You had to set up emergency accommodation in various parts of the city and then even in this property.

In 1976 started the hotel business in the historic building. The hotel has since undergone major changes for the better. Today we are proud of the wonderful and charming little hotel which is located in the heart of Södermalm, in close proximity to downtown and the old town.

2014 we started an extensive make over. NOFO Hotel was opened in June 2015. It has been a great challenge to rebuild and redecorate a listed building from the 18th century. To preserve the old structure carefully and take into account all the demands have inspired to different solutions where new and old consistently meet.

2016 The remaining rooms on the second floor is being renovated into Scandinavian Design – a perfect mix of retro design from the 1930´s until today 

2017 The journey continues and the parts that are now called The Loft will be transformed into a new and exciting room concept, Industrial Vintage.  

There are always places you carry with you. We hope that NOFO will be such a place.


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Tjärhovsgatan 11, Stockholm
Contact us at info@nofo.se

For questions regarding NOFO Wine bar please contact us at vinbar@nofo.se
or +46 8 503 112 10

Probably one of the nicest hotels in Stockholm, located just north of Folkungagatan (NOFO), close to the city and the Old town.

From 1st of March 2018 NOFO Hotel & Wine bar is entirely cash free. It is better for the environment and for our safety. We thank you for your understanding and for helping making our work environment safer.


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