Rooms in our three different styles; Urban Castle, Moulin Rouge and Scandinavian Design.


2017-05-12 10:45Allmänt

Did you know that NOFO Hotel is in a building that has quite a story? 

Built in 1780 by Lorenz Sifvert it first served as a brewery. In 1812, it was bought by Stockholm City and used as barracks for the city guard. Back then the “guests” consisted of petty thieves, beggars and promiscuous women. The building has also served as a temporary hospital as well as emergency housing. 

In 1976, 200 years after the house was built, the Columbus Hotel opened for business. In 2015, the name Columbus set sail for
the last time and instead NOFO Hotel emerged on the horizon. And our voyage has just begun. 

Today we have rooms in three completely different styles: Scandinavian design, Moulin Rouge and Urban Castle. In the
beginning of 2018 we will unlock the doors to our latest addition: SoHo. The inspiration for our different concepts comes from all the Södermalms in the world. 

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